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We serve commercial and residential accounts providing temporary heat, tanks, connectors, pipes, licensed installers, certified service technicians, delivery and maintenance. Our technicians, service and delivery crew are employees not subcontractors. Our drivers have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with HazMat (hazardous materials) and Tanker Air brake endorsements.

We install, service and stand behind everything we sell. Come to State Line Propane. We take care of everything. We'll treat you right. To get connected for propane or for the latest propane price, call 860-653-8076 or visit our showroom. We offer payment plans starting in July to fit your budget.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:" I've heard propane is an efficient way to heat the home. Is this true?"

A: Propane is an exceptional choice for home heating. It burns clean and efficient. Statistics from the US Department of Energy show that propane costs less than half as much per BTU (British Thermal Unit) as electricity and the cost per gallon is usually about $1 less than oil. 

Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency show that propane heating systems generate 68 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity, because most electricity is produced by coal-fired power plants. Propane has 50 percent less carbon than fuel oil, which means it produces far less particulate pollution when burned.

Q: "How do I know when to reorder propane?"

A: There is a gauge on your propane tank that shows the level of propane as a percent. Call to reorder before the tank gets to be at 30%. We make it easy by offering automatic delivery service so you won't have to remember to call each time you need propane.

Q: "Do you recommend having a propane furnace cleaned? I've been told that because propane burns clean it doesn't have to be serviced like an oil furnace does. Any truth to that?"

A: It is a good idea to have the furnace checked out by a licensed technician every year.

Q:" I want to use propane gas but I don't want that tank in my back yard. Is there any way around it?"

A: Yes, tanks from 120 to 2000 gallons can be installed underground. Your tank size will depend on your needs.   Only a small part of the tank will show above ground to allow for refilling, testing and servicing. Today's tanks are made of heavy steel are corrosion-free and can last 30 or 40 years. You can enjoy the comfort of gas without exposure of most of the tank.