Important Winter Safety Tips

1. Shovel a path. Our team depends on being able to safely access propane gas tanks for maintenance and refills.

2. Keep snow off the tank or fill-pipe and away from any vents. A blocked vent can cause a back-up of carbon monoxide in your home.

3. Is the power out? If you are using your gas fire logs and/or backup generator PLEASE CALL AND LET US KNOW, you may run out of gas sooner than expected.



Some heating fuel companies refuse to complete deliveries when drivers cannot easily reach fill pipes. The technicians do not have enough time or energy to clear numerous paths. In addition to buried or blocked fill pipes, gates can prevent fuel deliveries. Snow on both sides must be cleared so the gate will open properly. If a delivery truck needs to enter the customer’s driveway, it is vital to thoroughly clear this area as well. Fuel trucks are wider than most other vehicles.


Due to particularly cold temperatures, this is an especially busy time of year for heating fuel companies. Trucks must visit numerous homes each day. Every uncleared path prolongs the delivery process. As a result, everyone must wait longer for deliveries and face a greater risk of running out of fuel. Keep in mind that plows may push snow into a path opening; be sure to check the entrance and clear it again if necessary.


Deliveries also take longer  when drivers can not see house numbers. It is vital to make sure the sides of mailboxes have not been obscured. Wet snow may stick to house siding and cover wall-mounted numbers as well, especially under windy conditions. Please help the drivers by remembering to brush it off these numbers before requesting a fuel delivery or placing a sign outside of your house that clearly indicates your house numbers.



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